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Woocommerce Countdown Timer

This is Awesome feature of WP Sales Booster WooCommerce Store owner can set user based timer and fixed datetimer for any specific product to create scarcity that increases sales and conversion .

Woocommerce Product Enquiry Form

WooCommerce Store owners can set custom inquiry form for particular products and can communicate with customer with email .

woocommerce Exit Intent Popup

WooCommerce Store owner can set exit popup and show special discount note also can collect subscriber for re marketing with email or phone number

Banner And Corner Ads setting

WooCommerce Store owners can show advertisement and campaign in mhome page and also can set corner image to drive traffic to any specific page


$49 / Year
  • Countdown Timer
  • Used Based Countdown Timer
  • Exit Popup Form
  • Inquire Us Form
  • 24/7 support
  • Banner And Corner Ad


$99 / Year
  • Countdown Timer
  • Used Based Countdown Timer
  • Exit Popup Form
  • Inquire Us Form
  • 24/7 support
  • Banner And Corner Ad


$199 / Lifetime
  • Countdown Timer
  • Used Based Countdown Timer
  • Exit Popup Form
  • Inquire Us Form
  • 24/7 support
  • Banner And Corner Ad

Frequently asked questions

Yes it increases sales 2 to 6 times based on your product and niche. All features of this countdown timer plugin is optimized for increasing sales.

Yes , we people behind this plugin regularly working to improve this plugin and also the features based on customer experience .

We people behind this plugin provide support through WordPress forums and for our pro version users we provide live support and also email support 24/7.

This is the most advanced and effective plugging in the market to increase sales to any WooCommerce website on the other hand it allows different features  by which a WooCommerce website owner care create different types of campaigns and promotion to speed up  you their sales

By setting user based timer for WooCommerce website anyone can create urgency for 10 to 120 minutes and on the other hand by using fixed date timer you can set the timer for any special events or date such as black friday cyber monday etc .

Yes, you can remove add to cart button without having coding skill.

Yes, Anyone can hide price without having coding skill too.

This plugin is designed for specific products so you can use all the features of this plugin for specific products.

Yes, you can set custom timer for individual users

Yes you can, you can use user based timer feature for doing this task. you can set 0 to 120 minutes timer for your individual users

Yes, you can set inquiry form for particular products with this plugin.

Yes, you can easily remove add to cart button with this plugin .

Yes, you can set custom coupon code with this timer, when the timer hits zero your coupon code or note will be disappeared 

Yes, you can show custom message to your customer for any specific product in sticky header. 

Yes, You can run specific date or event based countdown timer with this plugin in your eCommerce website.

Yes, you can change Woo Commerce button text with this plugin

Yes, You can set promotional banner image ad on your home page. You can set banner on below manu option and also above footer!

Yes , you can exit popup in your home page , when user tries to close the tab the popup will appear . You can use custom HTML form and third-party email marketing forms susch as mail-chimp aweber get-response etc .

Yes , This plugin is integrated with fluent form free version so you can create multiple form as you want .

Yes , You can here is options where you can get the data of how many people get connected with your Inquiry or exit popup form and also the conversion rate for each form !

For special campaign you can set corner ad that will be appeared on all product and shop page.   

Our support team is available 24/7 so if you have any query please leave a ticket here!

Our clients say

"I just activated a simple campaign to test out Finale on my store. A short 3-hours campaign led to a quick 15 sales! Conversion rate increased by 156%! Thanks guys"
Hilary Leigh
"WP Sales Triggers are everything you need to build buyer confidence and convert on-the-fence prospects into customers. All the features like countdown timers, best seller badge, recent sales, inventory scarcity, exit popup , inquiry us form header banner and corner ad everything else makes them the plugins I always needed! But didn’t know they existed. Both these tools have been an excellent investment for me and have already paid off my investment. As far as the support is concerned, I feel there’s a team sitting stone’s throw away and I can reach out to them whenever I want. All my emails get responded to within a few hours! The best part? They are zealous about what they do – you can see it from the regular and proactive updates they push. You don’t even have to ask for it . Anyway Thanks to WP Sales Booster Team ."
Hall Read
"Just bought WP Sales Booster  plugin and I’m blown away by the possibilities

of this tool. It’s a Hurrify killer without the monthly fees! Of course the full unlimited version seems a bit expensive, but for me it’s worth it definitely. The settings are well thought of and quite deep. And just now, after I asked Daman for some support, I’m even more convinced that I have made the right choice. His support is just instantaneous, nice and clear like a crystal. Buy this tool today, just made my day ! I’m ready to convert like crazy with this. This is just the best tool for  WooCommerce Stores  , trust me. I run multiple ecommerce stores and am glad I found out about Wp sales booster. "

Quintin Angus